The Flood Group Founder Members.

  • Team Founder Paul Weedon (moved away from the area).

    Paul is one of the two founder members of the group. His home was flooded by the Shilte River in 2007 and that event emotively directed his numerous talents to create, motivate, project manage and direct an active flood group in Much Wenlock. Paul is responsbile for pulling together many sources of information and formulating a constructive flood Plan. That Plan, via the flood group, was modelled and finally accepted. The Model from that Plan eventually formed the "Urban Drainage Management Plan" that is now the reference document (with a full supporting technical and proven mathematical model) that is the backbone of drainage references in use today in Much Wenlock.
  • Team Member John Yates (currently inactive).

    John along with Paul Weedon were the two original founder members. In 2007 when a major flood hit the town (again) John (at that time he was an active local councillor) wrote a damming report that we use today as a reference document. Many points in John's original document are still valid and open points today. Which is where this group come into play. This current group with support from local council and Shropshire council are pushing 2 major projects and several minor flood related projects forward to a satisfactory conclusion.
  • Current Team Co-Ordinator Robert Stuart (currently inactive).

    Robert was one of the most important members of our team. Robert was Co-Ordinating two quite major projects and several smaller sub-projects that directly involve members of the group which will help alleviate flooding in the town of Much Wenlock. Robert was actively drawing in new ideas and pushing the group to interact more with local farmers, townsfolk, local councillors, other active flood groups all with the aim of reducing the potential flood risk in our local area.