About The Much Wenlock Flood Group

This is an "About Us" page, well, we are about helping the local townsfolk and council become more aware of and eventually try to solve the problems of FLOODING in Much Wenlock. Yes Much Wenlock Floods. It only floods when the INFRASTRUCTURE (drainage) that is currently in place cannot cope with the STORM EVENT that is taking place. Simple really. Our initial GOALS were :- To raise awareness of the flooding issues in and around the town with a detailed modelled plan. To create an individual awarenees of the need to be prepared and protected against the possibility of flooding. To help local individuals understand the need to plan for their safety during a STORM EVENT. To influence PLANNING and the future HOUSING development designs proposed in Much Wenlock with the intention of ensuring that they have POSITIVE impact on the INFRASTRUCTURE and that they do not exccaserbate the existing flooding problems.

The Flood Group Founding Members.

In 2007, after a severe 1 in 9 year storm event hit the Much Wenlock catchment area. This event caused considerable flooding within and around the town of Much Wenlock. A small group of people got together with the ambitions of reducing the flooding issues that were presented to the Much Wenlock residents in 2007 when the town flooded (again). Click here to read about the original founder members are their associated stories.

The Flood Group Current Active Members.

About Your Current Team

  • Team Co-Ordinator.

    The Team Co-Ordinator is responsbile for pulling together many sources of information and formulating a constructive flood Plan.
  • Team Financial Controller.

    Details to follow.
  • Current Local Council representation is ?.

    Our local councillors act as the interface for local council guidance, feedback channels for policy and planning direction.
  • The Current Team.

    The team comprises of several local volunteers. We are publically funded via donations and we have a full financial structure in place. We meet on a regular basis and a set of dedicated aims - so to understand more please explore this web site a little further (try clicking on the Public Area you will be suprised).