Current Projects

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    Article 1 - Correcting the current Environment Agency Flood Map

    Article 1 Correcting the Flood Agencies flood Maps. Issued Maps allow general users to draw information from the data. Sometimes this information is not 100% clear as to what scenario this data represents. With the help of the local agencies and with their persmission the maps associated to our local problems are re-presented here and we try in simple laymans terms to explain what the data means.Read More
  • Article 2 - Sourcing a new location for a new data collector

    Article 2 - Where can we put our data collectors - Rain Buckets. We need local help to find two willing volunteers to site a water collection measuring device on their property for us. Read More
  • Article 3

    Article 3 - Slowing the Flow. Using simple water control methods we want to slow the flow of water coming into our basin. We need to look for suitable places to do this. Read More
  • Article 4 - Insurance and Flooding.

    Article 4 - Clarification about Flooding insurance and where you stand. Read More