Data Collectors

  • The Pound

    Data Collector 1 - The Pound (in river data level collector)

    Located in the stream at The Pound this in river data collector indicates the river levels every few minutes. Positioned at a critical flood point along the river it gives clear indication of current river levels.Read More
  • Stretton Road

    Data Collector 2 - Stretton Road (Independant party)

    Located in a private property this local person uses a non insurance recognised data collector and publishs the information on Read More
  • Data Collector 3 - Farley Road

    This is an insurance recognised water bucket rainfall data collector. It relies on and RS232 serial conncetion to a computer to ensure data is collected and uploaded to our system. Read More
  • Data Collector 4

    This is another private individual using a non insurance recognised data collector. This one is based on Walton Hills and the data is available here on our website. The data is updated daily. Read More